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1st Karlsruhe International Summer School 2007

Summerschool 2007

Topic 1: Introduction to fusion
Future energy and the role for fusion
D. Ward
551 KB
Fusion and the characteristics of fusion power plants
D. Ward
1100 KB
Topic 2: Introduction to plasma physics
Basic physics of a tokamak
D. Ward
1927 KB
Plasma-wall interactions
R. Reichle
6459 KB
main plasma phenomena
J. Johner
924 KB
DEMO plasma physics with continuous operation
J. Johner
1754 KB
Topic 3: Plasma heating technology
Plasma waves and plasma heating
H.-P. Laqua
2963 KB
G. Dammertz
5116 KB
Introduction to neutral beam injection technology
E. Surrey
1550 KB
Topic 4: Plasma Diagnostics
Plasma diagnostics in fusion devices
S. Hacquin
2939 KB
Challenges of ITER diagnostics
S. Hacquin
1072 KB
Topic 5: Technology of magnetic confinement
Superconductivity and magnet technology
W. Fietz
3820 KB
H. Neumann
7155 KB
Structural materials at cryogenic temperatures
K-P. Weiss
3944 KB
High temperature superconductivity
S. Schlachter
4604 KB
Manufacturing of superconducting magnets
M. Borlein
1932 KB
Topic 6: Blanket and divertor
Basics of breeding blanket technology
T. Ihli
2008 KB
Solid breeder blanket
T. Ihli
5958 KB
Liquid metal blanket
T. Ihli
3011 KB
Magnetohydrodynamics of liquid metals
L. Bühler
3642 KB
Blanket fabrication technology
E. Bogusch
1875 KB
T. Ihli
9412 KB
Reactor integration and energy conversion
T. Ihli
14169 KB
Topic 7: Neutronics and activation analyses
Fusion neutronics - methods, data, applications- Lecture I
U. Fischer
2628 KB
Fusion neutronics - methods, data, applications- Lecture II
U. Fischer
2854 KB
Activation of materials (nuclear data and modelling)
R. Forrest
2368 KB
Topic 8: Materials development for fusion reactors
Structure and texture of metallic solids
M. Rieth
2660 KB
High temperature materials
M. Rieth
4045 KB
Interaction of neutron radiation and fusion materials
M. Rieth
2763 KB
Modelling of radiation damages of structural materials in fusion reactors
L. Malerba
6685 KB
Topic 9: The fuel cycle of a fusion reactor
Introduction to fuel cycle requirements
Systems of the inner part of the fuel cycle (storage, exhaust gas (processing, isotope separation, detritiation and analytic)
Outer part of the fuel cycle (tritium extraction and recovery)
M. Glugla
12600 KB
Vacuum pumping, regeneration and transfer pumps
C. Day
6065 KB
ITER fuelling system
S. Maruyama
2387 KB
Topic 10: Remote handling, maintenance scheme
Remote handling maintenance scheme
J.-P. Martins
13233 KB
ITER remote handling concepts
E. Bogusch
1346 KB
Topic 11: Socioeconomics, safety and waste
The economic, safety and environmental attributes of fusion power plants
I. Cook
1409 KB
Topic 12: Operating and planned facilities
DEMO and the route to fusion power
I. Cook
734 KB
Joint European Torus (JET) tokamak
T. Todd
7653 KB
Tore Supra
J. Bucalossi
8553 KB
The stellarator facility Wendelstein 7-X
H.-P. Laqua
9590 KB
J. Knaster
7755 KB
JT 60 SA
J. Bucalossi
9678 KB
Group picture
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