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9th Karlsruhe International School on Fusion Technologies 2015

participants of Summerschool 2015


Topic 1: Introduction to fusion
Future energy and the role for fusion
R. Kemp
Fusion and the characteristics of fusion power plants
R. Kemp
Basic physics of a tokamak
R. Kemp
Topic 2: Safety, Socioeconomics and Waste
Introduction to the ITER Safety Programme
P. Wouters
Information Session on Seismic Design
D. Combescure
General safety analysis approach and techniques
L. Di Pace
Topic 3: Plasma physics
Introduction To Plasma Physics
B. Pégourié
Topic 4: The fuel cycle of a fusion reactor
Tritium Handling + Tritium Plant of a Fusion reactor
D. Demange
ITER fuelling system
S. Maruyama
Vacuum pumping systems
T. Giegerich
Topic 5: Divertors
Manufacturing processes for High Heat Flux Components
E. Visca
J. Reiser
Topic 6: Cooling Aspects
H. Neumann
Water Cooled Plasma Facing Components
R. Mitteau
Topic 7: Blankets
Basics of breeding blanket technology
F. Cismondi
Solid breeder blanket
F. Cismondi
Liquid metal blanket
I. Ricapito
Breeder Materials
M. Kolb
Magnetohydrodynamics of liquid metals
L. Bühler
Topic 8: Materials development for fusion reactors
Structure and texture of metallic solids
M. Rieth
High temperature materials
M. Rieth
Interaction of neutron radiation and fusion materials
M. Rieth
Topic 9: Plasma heating technology and plasma diagnostics
ECRH upper port plugs and diamond window technology
T. Scherer
Plasma diagnostics in fusion devices
S. Hacquin
S. Illy
Introduction to neutral beam injection technology
I. Day
Topic 10: Remote handling, maintenance scheme
Remote handling maintenance scheme
F. Ferlay
Assembling of Tokamak components
T. Mull
Availability considerations for future fusion power plants
T. Mull
Topic 11: Neutronics and activation analysis
Fusion neutronics - methods, data, applications- Lecture I
U. Fischer
Fusion neutronics - methods, data, applications- Lecture II
U. Fischer
Topic 12: Technology of magnetic confinement
Superconductivity and magnet technology
W. Fietz
Structural materials at cryogenic temperatures
K.-P. Weiss
High temperature superconductivity
S. Schlachter
Manufacturing of superconducting magnets
E. Theisen

Topic 13: Operating and planned facilities

Tore Supra and the WEST project
J. Bucalossi
JT 60 SA
J. Bucalossi
ASDEX Upgrade
W. Suttrop
Wendelstein 7-X
R. Wolf
T. Hirai
I. Jenkins
DEMO and the route to fusion power(part 1)
I. Jenkins
DEMO and the route to fusion power(part 2)
I. Jenkins
Group picture