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3rd Karlsruhe International School on Fusion Technologies 2009

School on Fusion Technologies 2009

Topic 1: Introduction to fusion
Future energy and the role for fusion
D. Ward
652 kB
Fusion and the characteristics of fusion power plants
D. Ward
1119 kB
Basic physics of a tokamak
D. Ward
3909 kB
Topic 2: Introduction to plasma physics
Main plasma phenomena
J. Johner
1614 kB
Plasma-wall interactions
R. Reichle
3863 kB
Topic 3: Plasma heating technology and plasma diagnostics
Plasma waves and plasma heating
H. Laqua
3266 kB
Wendelstein 7-X
H. Laqua
6732 kB
S. Kern
5027 kB
Introduction to neutral beam injection technology
I. Day
1785 kB
Plasma diagnostics in fusion devices
C. Fenzi
6343 kB
ECRH upper port plugs and diamond window technology
D. Strauß
3695 kB
ECRH upper port plugs and diamond window technology
T. Scherer
4582 kB
Topic 4: Materials development for fusion reactors
Structure and texture of metallic solids
2664 kB
High temperature materials
M. Rieth
4393 kB
Interaction of neutron radiation and fusion materials
M. Rieth
2746 kB
Topic 5: Neutronics and activation analysis
Fusion neutronics - methods, data, applications- Lecture I
U. Fischer
2175 kB
Fusion neutronics - methods, data, applications- Lecture II
U. Fischer
3595 kB
Fusion neutronics - methods, data, applications- Lecture III
U. Fischer
3398 kB
Topic 6: Divertors
P. Norajitra
13477 kB
Manufacturing processes for High Heat Flux Components
E. Visca
1792 kB
Fabrication of divertor cassettes for ITER
G. P. Sanguinetti
8914 kB
Design, manufacturing and operation of water cooled Plasma facing components
R. Mitteau
5533 kB
Topic 7: Blanket
Basics of breeding blanket technology
F. Cismondi
2293 kB
Solid breeder blanket
F. Cismondi
7739 kB
Liquid metal blanket
I. Ricapito
2485 kB
Magnetohydrodynamics of liquid metals
L. Bühler
4908 kB
Topic 8: Safety analysis
General safety analysis approach and techniques
T. Pinna
1282 kB
Topic 9: Socioeconomics, Safety and Waste
The economic, safety and environmental attributes of fusion power plants
R. Pampin-Garcia
1831 kB
Topic 10: The fuel cycle of a fusion reactor
Introduction to fuel cycle for fusion reactor Part 1+2
B. Bornschein
4573 kB
Vacuum pumping systems
C. Day
5057 kB
ITER fuelling system
S. Maruyama
9053 kB
Topic 11: Technology of magnetic confinement
H. Neumann
6613 kB
Superconductivity and magnet technology
M. Noe/P. Komarek
8745 kB
High temperature superconductivity
S. Schlachter
5052 kB
Manufacturing of superconducting magnets
M. Borlein
2318 kB
Topic 12: Remote handling, maintenance scheme
Remote handling maintenance scheme
J-P Martins
18376 kB
ITER remote handling concepts
E. Bogusch
3175 kB
Assembling of Tokamak components
E. Bogusch
2109 kB
Topic 13: Operating and planned facilities
DEMO and the route to fusion power(part 1+2)
D. Stork
9602 kB
Joint European Torus (JET) tokamak
T. Todd
9413 kB
Tore Supra
J. Bucalossi
13234 kB
JT 60 SA
J. Bucalossi
11264 kB
S. Wu
8672 kB
Group picture
1512 kB